Thank you for joining the campaign. Here is the plan:


The objectives for the social media campaigns are to raise awareness of our new restaurant and to draw in customers from all over the bay area.
This proposal outlines the content strategy and tactics for the BLUE WHALE 2019 campaign. This campaign will focus on increasing our followers, customers, and adding loyalty. It will include a series of posts on Facebook and Instagram directing to our websites (online store).

Target Audience

The target audience for this campaign are 18-29 year olds. Research shows that 18-29 are the most active on Instagram. The 30-40 year olds are a mix on Instagram and Facebook but they have the money.

Channel Strategy

Our channels for our social networks are Instagram, Facebook, and Yelp. IMPORTANT: For all posts, please a link back to our website or to our shopping page.

Post Strategy


Post 1 (Campaign Kickoff Post):Welcome to Blue Whale Poke Bar & Grill!
Post 2: Meet a poke bowl
Post 3: Meet a staff member
Post 4: Meet a hot entree
Post 5 (Campaign Conclusion Post): behind the scenes post


Post 1 (Campaign Kickoff Post): Welcome to Blue Whale Poke Bar & Grill!
Post 2: Storefront pic, text saying where we are and our hours
Post 3: Pic of staff serving customers, text introducing the staff and inviting people to meet him/her/them
Post 4: Discount pic: 10% off with this coupon: text, share with friends to get everyone 10% off through 12/31
Post 5 (Campaign Conclusion Post):: Pic with cold food dish and hot food dish; text asking people to vote hot or cold


Post 1 (Campaign Kickoff Post): Welcome to Blue Whale Poke Bar & Grill!
Post 2: Cooking up some yuzu salmon — can you smell that? Come by for some real food!
Post 3: Holiday shoppers deserve chicken katsu.
Post 4: Good luck with finals, everyone! 10% off for students this week!
Post 5 (Campaign Conclusion Post): #nevertoocoldfomochi


Post 1 (Campaign Kickoff Post): Pics of food
Post 2: Customer pics enjoying food
Post 3: Closeup pics of ingredients
Post 4: Pics of how to find us in the food court
Post 5 (Campaign Conclusion Post): Comments from fans

Hashtag Strategy